Brant Daugherty as Erik Night? Yes or no?

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  2. hazyjunebug answered: no
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  4. in-effable answered: yes.
  5. mayflower-lily answered: yes
  6. briannapike39 answered: yes
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  8. melidirectionergleek answered: Yes!!! Yeah!!! Erik is he!!
  9. shouldhavebeenusedtobe answered: oh god. I totally agree with this!
  10. xeverylittlethingx answered: yes.
  11. you-beautifulsinner answered: deffo yesss
  12. diorstylcs answered: yes!!
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  15. kayla531 answered: yes. an absolute yes from me. That’s exactly how I imagined him!
  16. rollrcoastrrush answered: Yupp that is pretty damn close to perfect on how I pictured him
  17. violethill93 answered: HELL YES!
  18. iammindboggling answered: yes..oh yes
  19. jokc answered: oh hell yes
  20. ocean---wavess answered: totally!
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    I have no idea who he is, but this is honestly how I almost picture Erik.
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A escuridão nem sempre equivale ao mal, e nem sempre a luz traz o bem.
“Lá também está a melancólica casa da Noite;[...] sobre sua cabeça,com seus braços incansáveis, sustenta firmemente o amplo céu, onde a Noite e o Dia cruzam um patamar de bronze e então aproximam-se um do outro”
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